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Move forward one screen at a time to see step by step what they were doing on the computer, or click "Slide Show" button and the screenshots play back like a VCR. Skip ahead or jump to a specific snapshots. You will know what they are reading on the web site as well as the pictures they are viewing on that web site and you will be able to know how much time they spend on that web site.

With the Screen Snapshot recorder, you will never doubt who is doing what on the computer because you will have the surveillance tape recordings to prove it. Record Keystrokes Typed - Power Spy Software logs all keystrokes, including optional non-alphanumerical keys typed with time stamp, Windows username, application name and window caption. With Power Spy Software, you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because it keeps a record of who is logged into the computer. Power Spy Software will save every key typed on the PC keyboard.

Keystroke recordings are organized chronologically by Application and by Window allowing you to easily differentiate between what is typed in a word processing document, email, spreadsheet, or web browser even passwords. It also logs the username and password used to login in a messenger. Both sides of chat conversations and instant messages are gathered and saved chronologically for your review. Power Spy Software provides the ability to record every program or application run on the computer you are monitoring.

For each program, it will capture the name of the person who used the program and when the program was started.

Monitoring Solutions for Every Need

Were your kids playing games all afternoon instead of doing homework? Was someone trying to deceive you into thinking they were working all day in Word and Excel while they were really surfing the web?

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With Power Spy Software, you will know, because it keeps track of other information, such as keystrokes typed and mouse movements, to help determine whether a program is being actively used. If your secretary typed only 80 keystrokes in Word or Excel all day, what are the chances she was doing much work? Of course, with Power Spy Software's other recording features, like Screen Snapshots, you won't have to guess. Program Activity allows you to see at a glance ALL of the applications that have been used each day. If someone downloads a new program that starts affecting the performance of your computer, you'll be able to quickly see the new program in Power Spy Software.

Record Clipboard Text - Imagine that someone being monitored receives an illegal password or login name by e-mail, which is too long to be typed. However, the most distinguishing feature of Refog Spy Software is the alarm system that triggers on keywords.

Web Activity Monitoring Using Power Spy -

You can program it to notify you by e-mail every time the keyword was used. For example, words like 'sex', 'porn' or 'booze' can tell you that your child is up to mischief. Another possible use of the system is to exclude rude language from work communications. The program operates in a visible and a stealth mode. When it works stealthily, neither the process list nor the list of installed applications will show Refog Software.

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The program starts at system boot and logs user activities into files. After sending a scheduled report, it clears its logs, ready to continue its assignment. Refog Software can operate perfectly all on its own. It does the job of security staff but is free from human faults. Refog Software offers a wide range of settings to meet your surveillance needs. You can use it to record only certain applications, such as web browsers or MS Office. In a system with several users, it can record only selected users. Screenshots can be taken at custom intervals or on every mouse click. You can easily customize all the Monitoring tools to provide only relevant data.

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

Reports on user activities are delivered through e-mail or FTP connection. Even miles away from Monitored systems, you can still receive regular updates and emergency notifications. After that, you will see demand for permission Process System, click Next.

You will see another application for authorization process system, click Next. Tap Accept to accept the terms and conditions of use of the software.

Now it will show you two options. Either you want to display the icon or hide the icon. If you want to hide Spymaster Pro icon click on the icon is useless. I do not need. Once this done, click Back option from your phone and it will take you to the registration code screen. After that, enter the registration code which will be available in your control panel.

Once installation is done, you can leave the target phone and Login to your spymaster account from any device. Now there is no need to touch the target phone. See everything remotely. Click here to login Login Here. Toggle navigation.

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Snapchat Instagram Whatsapp Facebook. Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Application Last updated on June 19, Views It can be really hard to pick the best cell phone monitoring software when there are many options out there.

Software Review

Guest Spy Guest Spy is one of the best cell phone spy application with amazing spying features. Tracks call logs and phonebooks. Secretly records incoming and outgoing calls through a hidden call recorder. Records the phone surrounding. Tracks web browsing history. Here are the features of the TruthSpy: Intercept Calls to target phone Non-stop Monitoring of target phone Activates the target phone microphone and listen to surrounding Sounds TruthSpy can Crack Phone Passwords, thanks to its keylogging feature which easily provides you with the user accounts and password.

Spytech Spy Software - Computer Monitoring Software - Internet Recording Spy Software

This app can track pictures and video messages. To install Spymaster on the Android phone, go through the following installation guide. Step 3 The application will start downloading. Step 4 After the download is complete. Step 5 After that, you will see demand for permission Process System, click Next.