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Just ask her, straight up, and see how she responds. Has she ever given you any legitimate reason in the past? Remember my motto: If you can't trust the bitch, dump the bitch! NJ, USA. Usually if you think they are They are Liberty in our Life Time! The Free State Project.

NY, USA. Sounds like you guys need better communication as a couple , instead of you skulking around trying to catch her in the act. Military life is a bit harder than some people bargained for when they got into the life, and that includes spouses of deployed personnel. TN, USA. You're an arfcommer. Like everything else in life, if you have a question, or need help, you come here for advice. So, where is she, what does she drive, and who do you suspect? What should we be looking for?

No offense meant, because I have been in your shoes, But if you have to worry, your marriage is already on a path to destruction. Let's start with typewriters. PA, USA. He slept on the couch for a week after that one, lol. MD, USA.

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  3. "My Wife Cheated While I Was Deployed. Are There Faithful Women Anymore?".

As her husband, couldn't you just call the email provider and give your information and say you forgot the password? Is your internet and email accounts in both your names? My wife has done stuff like that for me. Originally Posted By sydney As her husband, couldn't you just call the email provider and give your information and say you forgot the password? That won't work if it's a webmail system, but you could try password recovery; chances are she's used personal info when she set up her password recovery stuff, and you should know most of her personal info anyway.

Lets cut the doom and gloom here. It's unnecessary to say that if he suspects infidelity, his marriage is doomed already. It's a very human and common line of thought. I have to believe that there are many whom are deployed at present who ponder this very thing. The memebrship here would be better served to bare in mind that the thread author is deployed in a combat environment, estranged from home and family, to include his spouse.

The mental factors in play here are staggering.

How Deployment Affects Military Divorce Rate

It serve no point to tell him his marriage is "fucked". He's thousands of miles away from home where there is nothing he can do about it if in fact his marriage were in serious trouble. Rather than reenforce this line of thinking, he'd be better served with: While you fear that your wife may be cheating on you, as you have that terrible gut feeling inside that she is, you must also remember that being so many miles apart and for such a time only serves to amply these feelings and thoughts you are having.

You've enough on your plate with your job, staying alive is at the foremost. Should this be or not be the case will ultimately be deffered until you rotate home. At this moment in time, the "facts" that ARE in place is this. You have a wife, in fact, a whole family, safe at home while you are deployed. You have friends here who support your efforts. You are doing a serious job in difficult circumstances for which I am gratefull.

My advice to you is to make efforts to cease this line of thinking and concentrate instead at the job at hand, which is survival and going home.

Girl Cheats On Military Boyfriend As Soon As He Deploys

Don't worry about this issue now. It's not important. You finishing your tour deployed in one piece is. You should continue to write home about your experiences there, and things you want to see and do when you do rotate home. When opportunity presents, make phone calls home, get that feeling inside of who you are ultimately defending. These feelings will slowly subside. If what you suspect turns out to be reality when you do arrive home, you will be in a position to better deal with it when you are home, and I'm sure you have already heard that borrowing troubles from tomorrow will do little good.

Don't bother with spyware on the wife's computer, or a private investigator as others have advised you.

Cheating Spouse

That's just bullshit. As I've already mentioned, you've enough on your plate than this shit. AR, USA. That right there says it all. She may not be physically cheating on you but could be doing the online chats with people, and exchanging emails. Doesn't sound good to me. I'd ask her upfront about it, and then go from there.

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My wife and I use the same email address and every website that I need a password for, is written down on a pad right next to the computer. We have nothing to hide from each other. Good Luck.

Navy Husband Returns To Find Wife Was Keeping A Life-Changing Secret

My avatar is from a Japanese show called Madlax. KY, USA. While some people here might have gone a little over board, suggesting that he do nothing is not a good answer either. I could post some real doom and gloom stories of what the wives of some deployed soldiers have done.

If you have a strong gut feeling you need to check into it.

If you can't afford a private investigator then you need to at least talk with some of the buddies in your unit and have their wives check up on her. They should be more than willing to do this. Follow your gut on this one. Look for eblaster or e-blaster on the web. WA, USA. Why is this enlisted man speaking in my presence? Army News Sgt. Related Topics:. Up Next Report: every warrant officer in the Army is still worthless. Don't Miss Troops deploy to Alamo for dramatic last stand against migrant caravan.

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I’m A Woman Who Cheated On Her Deployed Husband, This Is Why I Did It | Thought Catalog

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